jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2007

parting gift

I opened my eyer while you were kissing me once, yost to see how deeply sincere you were with me. I opened them slowly and sweetly, and all I could see was montruously ugly. Everything went cold and your glasses were gone, your ayes looked red, your skin was grey and ypou had scars all over your face, as green as your soul.
And I opened my eyes so widely once that I couldn't believe what you had turned into while I wasn't looking, while my eyes were closed so gently, so lovefully.
I took away my lips and you opened you eyes, and you looked at me as surprised and gorgeous as always, and all I could say was I love what we started, I love you.
More than once

se recomienda mantener los ojos cerrados y no sacar las manos fuera del vehiculo

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Tan feo fué el paisaje? Tomate otro tren!!!